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Owning a business offers a stressful but exciting challenge. NATIVE RECORDS guides businesses through difficult financial decisions, assists in setting goals, and holds businesses accountable to reaching milestones.

Through our comprehensive discovery and analysis, the needs of the business are first identified. Once establishing the needs, an action plan tailored specifically for the entity gets presented, discussed, and implemented. The strategic plan of action will utilize organizational tools, fundamental accounting principles, innovative strategy, and the latest technology to address those needs.

Data Architecture

Structure and organization play a massive role in business efficiency, scalability, and ultimately, success. Whether your records live in Excel spreadsheets or in shoe boxes, the consolidation and summary of that data will yield meaningful reports that allow you to make informed managerial decisions.

Business Planning

Proper planning requires significant time and energy, but an invaluable tool when seeking investments or loans. Investors and lenders consider the business plan and financial forecast the most important factors in their decision-making process.

Through the creation of comprehensive strategy with realistic financial forecasting, an accurate picture of a business’s longevity emerges. Business plans reveal how to prepare an idea to evolve into the next phase, whether an internal transformation or an external capital infusion.

Accounting Software

Through the process of discovery, an assessment of the accounting services required will provide the right tools. After the tools are in place, training empowers personnel to use them effectively.

There are many flavors and versions accounting software for both Windows and Mac that run locally or in a cloud. Some are highly sophisticated and provide more complex functions like inventory management, point of sale, and manufacturing integrations. Others are geared towards service businesses, the self-employed, or non-profit entities.

As an expert in a variety of the most popular accounting software systems in existence, NATIVE RECORDS offers both remote and on-site training and support.

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Record-Keeping | Bookkeeping

Proper record-keeping and bookkeeping demand a meticulous nature, a comprehensive knowledge of accounting principles, and experience with problems that face specific industries.


Many businesses hire bookkeepers to help them with the basics like accounts payable (money owed to others), accounts receivable (money due to the business or individual), and bank account reconciliation. However, data that gets entered incorrectly and does not routinely audited, financial reporting becomes unavoidably inaccurate.

Every business have an overarching strategy for record-keeping and bookkeeping so that all accounts are precise. Record-keeping and bookkeeping methodology have been, are, and always will remain essential parts of sustaining and expanding any business.

Business Management

Running a business demands much more than just full-time hours. Depending on the industry, it can take 60 to as much as 80 hours per week to handle all the tasks involved with maintaining an operation. Most business owners need to reserve their most precious commodity, their time, for the tasks that generate them revenue. More often than not, this means not focusing on the day-to-day activities like paying bills, collecting payments, filing taxes, and making sure investments produce returns.

Working with NATIVE RECORDS, our clients develop trust from our hard work and a proven track record. Let us take care of the day-to-day so management and ownership can hone in on increasing sales and the client base.


Owner and manager time has more valuable when spent operating the business. NATIVE RECORDS tailors services to fit specific needs so you can have the time to do what you do best. This, ultimately, saves your business both time, energy, and money.

Regular financial auditing persists as the more effective way to ensure maintenance of healthy margins and uncover problems like leakage or theft. Analyzing the books and pinpointing the areas of vulnerability both play strong roles in accountability and responsibility.

Once these potential problems are identified, controls are put in place and policies and procedures are implemented. This not only helps to avoid losses, but increases both efficiency and productivity.


Paying your employees should top the list of priorities of any business. If people aren't paid the right amount and on time, the work won't be completed and everyone suffers.

Using the latest technology in payroll systems, NATIVE RECORDS has the ability to onboard your staff and contractors, stay up-to-date on your payroll multiple tax filings, and automate virtually every part of the payroll process. Clients save thousands of dollars per year in professional fees and staff no longer needed to facilitate payroll runs. Additionally, crucial business capital doesn't get wasted on the inevitable Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Franchise Tax Board (FTB), Employment Development Department (EDD), and workers' comp audits. All client documentation stores securely and gets easily accessed when requested.

Contracting NATIVE RECORDS as your dedicated payroll and human resources partner will reduce costs, increase efficiency, augment employee productivity, and help avoid the ever-feared tax authority audits and employment lawsuits.


Today, businesses face complex compliance standards. Whether you're a business startup or an established enterprise with unusual tax situations, there are solutions to meet these demands. Organizations must make compliance a priority and strive to anticipate challenges before they arise.


Some businesses need specialized licensing with city, state, and/or federal authorities. The NATIVE RECORDS team has been seasoned in a multitude of licensing processes and understands what it takes to transport from idea to execution. By knowing the intricacies of each municipality, we guide you through the process.

Tax Filings

Local, state, and federal tax reporting can confuse businesses. Navigating highly complex and shifting tax laws consumes a full-time amount of hours. Businesses need to ensure that every element of the tax life-cycle gets expertly treated and kept in complete tax compliance.

NATIVE RECORDS works in alliance with CPAs and attorneys with over 50+ years of combined experience across all industries. Working in tandem with these experts maximizes savings and minimize liabilities to secure the success of your entity.

Financial Institutions

Banking and merchant processing are necessities businesses cannot live without, and something most take for granted. Infinite choices exist when choosing to partner with a financial institution, and making the best decision could save your business much-needed capital. NATIVE RECORDS assists in finding the perfect fit for your revenue stream, your specific needs, and your goals.

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